This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Remote Transact-SQL Debugging on Windows Vista

This topic applies to:

Visual Studio Ultimate

Visual Studio Premium

Visual Studio Professional

Visual Studio Express


When you do Transact-SQL debugging or Transact-SQL application debugging against a remote instance of SQL Server, Visual Studio must configure the Windows Firewall before remote debugging can begin. Normally, this configuration occurs when you try to step into a Transact-SQL stored procedure on a remote computer.

On Windows XP, the Windows Firewall configuration starts automatically. On Windows Vista, the new security model requires that you grant permission before the software can configure the Firewall. As a result, a Visual Studio dialog box appears, informing you that the Firewall has to be configured, followed by the Windows Vista User Access Control (UAC) dialog box. If you grant permission in the UAC dialog box, the Configure Firewall for Remote Debugging wizard appears.