rep - vs

Start a rep...endrep block.


rep i#


where i# is an integer register that specifies the repeat count in the .x component. See Constant Integer Register.


Vertex shader versions1_12_02_x2_sw3_03_sw


  • i#.x specifies the iteration count. The legal range is [0, 255]. Note that this instruction does not increment or decrement the value of i#.x.
  • i#.yzw are not used by the repeat block.
  • Repeat blocks may be nested. See Flow Control Nesting Limits.
  • Repeat blocks are allowed to be either completely inside an if* block or completely surrounding it. No straddling is allowed.
  • Using the same i# for different or nested rep instructions is fine - each loop will iterate based on the specified count.


rep i2
    add r0, r0, c0

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