Continues running this process from a stopped state. Any previous execution state (such as a step) is preserved, and the process starts executing again.


This method should be used instead of IDebugProgram2::Continue.

int Continue(
   IDebugThread2 pThread


[in] An IDebugThread2 object representing the thread to be continued.

If successful, returns S_OK; otherwise, returns error code.

This method is called on this process regardless of how many processes are being debugged, or which process generated the stopping event. The implementation must retain the previous execution state (such as a step) and continue execution as though it had never stopped before completing its prior execution. That is, if a thread in this process was doing a step-over operation and was stopped because some other process stopped, and then Continue was called, the specified thread must complete the original step-over operation.

Warning   Do not send a stopping event or an immediate (synchronous) event to IDebugEventCallback2::Event while handling this call; otherwise the debugger may hang.