This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package Namespace

This namespace now includes documentation only for the types in the Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package.LanguageService.* assemblies.

The Managed Package Framework source code that formerly was shipped as part of the Visual Studio SDK can now be found at MPF for Projects - Visual Studio 2010.

Public classAuthoringScopeEncapsulates information about the source as obtained from a parsing operation.
Public classAuthoringSinkThis class is used by the parser to gather information about the source being parsed.
Public classCodeWindowManagerWraps an IVsCodeWindow object for use in a language service.
Public classColorableItemProvides a default implementation of the VSIP interface IVsColorableItem.
Public classColorizerThis class implements the IVsColorizer interface and is used to support syntax highlighting in an editor.
Public classCompletionSetRepresents an IntelliSense completion list that is displayed in the current text view.
Public classCompletorWraps and applies multiple changes to a text view as a single operation.
Public classCompoundActionManages a group of edit operations that are treated as a single operation.
Public classCompoundActionBaseUsed to create CompoundAction objects.
Public classCompoundActionFactoryCreates CompoundAction objects based on specific source files and views.
Public classCompoundViewActionManages multiple edit actions that are treated as a single operation, optimized for a text view.
Public classDeclarationsManages a list of declarations to be shown in an IntelliSense drop-down list.
Public classDefaultFieldValueAssociates a default value with a field name as defined in a code snippet template for a language service.
Public classDocumentPropertiesProvides support for document-specific properties associated with a language service.
Public classDocumentTaskRepresents an item for a language service in the Error List Options window.
Public classDropDownMemberRepresents a single entry in a combo box on a drop-down bar.
Public classEditArrayMerges multiple edit operations to create a single operation.
Public classEditorControlHandles the editor window.
Public classEditorFactoryThis class provides a default editor factory implementation that hosts the Visual Studio core editor.
Public classEditorFactory.EditorInfoContains data about a specific editor.
Public classEditSpanDescribes an edit operation.
Public classExpansionFunctionProvides support for expansion functions in code snippets for a language service.
Public classExpansionProviderProvides support for inserting code snippets into source code.
Public classFilePathUtilitiesStatic utilities for getting and setting file paths.
Public classLanguagePreferencesProvides support for language service-specific preferences.
Public classLanguageServiceThis is the base class for a language service that supplies language features including syntax highlighting, brace matching, auto-completion, IntelliSense support, and code snippet expansion.
Public classMethodDataProvides support for the IntelliSense method tip operation.
Public classMethodsRepresents a collection of method signatures obtained from a parsing operation in a language service.
Public classParseRequestProvides information to execute a parsing operation in a language service.
Public classSimpleEditorViewThe abstract class that represents a generalized simple editor view.
Public classSourceRepresents a source file in the language service and controls parsing operations on that source.
Public classTextSpanHelperA utility class that provides methods for manipulating and comparing instances of the TextSpan class, and also for validating positions.
Public classTextTipDataProvides a default implementation of IVsTextTipData for use in the IVsTextTipWindow for displaying tool tips.
Public classTokenInfoProvides information about a particular token encountered by a language service's language parser.
Public classTypeAndMemberDropdownBarsProvides support for the combo boxes showing type and member information as offered by a language service.
Public classViewFilterThis class handles various editing and IntelliSense commands for a language service.

Public structureCommentInfoProvides the characters that define comments for a language service.
Public structureVariantRepresents an object that can be interpreted as more than one type.

Public interfaceIScannerUsed as the interface for a language parser in a language service.

Public delegateParseResultHandlerUsed to define a delegate for a parsing operation completion handler in a language service.

Public enumerationIndentingStyleRepresents the different indenting styles supported by language services.
Public enumerationParseReasonProvides reasons for a parsing operation in a language service.
Public enumerationSeveritySpecifies the severity of a parser error in a language service.
Public enumerationTokenColorProvides initial values for color indices as reported by an IScanner scanner.
Public enumerationTokenTriggersSpecifies a set of triggers that can be fired from an IScanner language parser.
Public enumerationTokenTypeSpecifies the different types of tokens that can be identified and returned from a language service scanner.
Public enumerationVariant.VariantTypeSpecifies the type of a variant object as used by a managed package framework (MPF) language service class.