This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Essentials of Work Item Tracking Object Model

The Work Item Tracking Object Model is the managed, public programming interface to the Work Item Tracking components of Team Foundation Server.

The Work Item Tracking Object Model is an abstraction layer that found on any computer on which Team Explorer is installed. In order to programmatically create or change WorkItems that are part of Team Foundation Server, you must program against the Work Item Tracking Object Model. 

The Work Item Tracking Object Model is the same programming interfaced used by Team Explorer to perform its native Work Item functionality. The main purpose of the object model is to provide a programming interface for the functionality of the Work Item Tracking System in Team Foundation Server.

The root node of the Work Item Object Model is the WorkItemStore object. A WorkItemStore is created through the TeamFoundationServer class. For every TeamFoundationServer object, there is exactly one WorkItemStore object.

The WorkItemStore object lets you to get instances of individual WorkItems that contain information such as Field values, Links, and Attachments. The WorkItemStore object also stores information about the context of WorkItems, such as team Projects and WorkItemTypes.