This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Responding to Changes in the Model

This section contains information about how to add code that responds to certain events that occur in the model.

Writing Custom Code to Respond to Changes

Explains when custom code can run.

Comparing Events and Rules

Compares events and when they are raised (after a transaction) with rules and when they are raised (within a transaction).

How to: Create Custom Rules

Demonstrates how to create a custom rule.

How to: Register to be Notified on an Event

Describes events and demonstrates how to write custom code to run when an event occurs.

How to: Override Methods That Run When a Notification Occurs

Demonstrates how to write an override to a method that runs when certain events occur.

How to: Intercept a Click on an Icon Decorator

Explains the steps that are used to add custom code for intercepting click events on icon decorators.

Programming Domain-Specific Languages

Describes how to use custom code to access and modify a domain model.