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T (Domain-Specific Language Tools Glossary)

template directive

A built-in directive that specifies basic information for executing the transformation. The information includes the base class to use for the generated transformation class, the programming language to use in the text template (Visual C# or Visual Basic), the culture to use when culture-specific versions of ToString are called, and whether to run the transformation in debug mode or release mode.

text template

A file that is the input to the text transformation process. It contains text blocks and control logic. When a text template is transformed, the control logic combines the text blocks with model data to produce an output file. Text templates are used to create text artifacts such as code files and HTML reports.

text template transformation

The process of using a text template to generate output text.

text template transformation engine

The main component in the text transformation process. It parses the text template, generates a Visual C# or Visual Basic class from it, compiles it, and runs it to generate the output string.


A mechanism by which a set of changes can be committed or rolled back in a single operation. Use transactions to wrap changes made to a model in custom code.

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