This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Domain-Specific Language Tools Samples

Visual Studio 2008

Domain-Specific Language Tools includes samples that can help you understand the technology and that are often referenced in the documentation. You can open these samples in Visual Studio if you have installed the Visual Studio SDK, which includes Domain-Specific Language Tools. By pressing F5, you build the samples, register them in the Visual Studio experimental build, and start a new instance of Visual Studio from the experimental build.

User Interface Process Sample (Domain-Specific Language Tools)

Demonstrates code generation, validation, deployment, and use of custom commands in a complete, end-to-end sample.

Class Diagram Sample (Domain-Specific Langauge Tools)

Demonstrates complex validation.

Components Diagram Sample

Demonstrates how to nest shapes, restrict the connections a user can make and make shapes with multi-line text fields.

Task Flow Diagram Sample

Demonstrates restricting how the user can move or stretch a shape, using a Bounds Rule. Also demonstrates restricting the default points at which connectors join a shape, using custom connection points and restricting what connections can be made by customizing a Connection Builder.

Use Cases Diagram Sample

Demonstrates how to create an DSL similar to the UML use-cases notation, with validations.

Family Tree Sample (Domain-Specific Language Tools)

Demonstrates basic validation and simple report generation.

Directive Processor Sample

Provides an overview on directive processors used with text templates.