This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Programming Domain-Specific Languages

This section shows you how to use custom code to build and modify a domain-specific language.

When you build a domain-specific language project, code will be generated from your model elements. You should not modify the code generated from the model elements, because it is regenerated whenever the project is built, and your custom code will be lost. Instead, you should override the class that you want to modify and set the Generates Double Derived property to true. You can then add your custom code to a partial class.

Accessing the Store Programmatically

Describes how to access a domain-specific language in the in-memory store.

Using Transactions

Describes how to use transactions to wrap the modifications you make to the domain-specific language.

Adding Elements to the Model

Describes how to add elements to the model in the in-memory store.

Modifying Elements in the Model

Describes different kinds of modifications that can be made to the model.

Finding Elements in the Model

Describes how to find different kinds of model elements.

How to: Delete Elements from the Model

Describes how to delete model elements.

Responding to Changes in the Model

Describes how to provide code that runs in response to events generated by changes in the model.

How to: Set a Diagram Background Image

Explains how to add custom code that adds a background image to the generated designer.