Supported Visual Studio Editions for Visualization & Modeling SDK

The following are lists of the Visual Studio editions that are supported with Domain-Specific Language Tools in the authoring and deployment environments. For more information on these editions, see the Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Center.

You can create domain-specific languages using any Visual Studio edition except Visual Studio Express.

To define a DSL, you must have installed the following components:

Domain-Specific Language Tools supports the following configurations for deploying the domain-specific languages that you build:

  • Visual Studio Ultimate

  • Visual Studio Premium

  • Visual Studio Professional 2012

  • Visual Studio Shell (integrated mode) redistributable package redistributable package

  • Visual Studio Shell (isolated mode) redistributable package redistributable package

Note Note

To make a DSL able to run on a Shell product, you must set the Supported VS Edition field in the Extension Manifest. For more information, see Deploying Domain-Specific Language Solutions.