Task Flow Diagram Sample 

The Task Flow Diagram sample demonstrates the following:

  • Using a bounds rule to restrict how the language user can move or stretch a shape.

  • Using custom connection points to restrict the default points at which connectors can join shapes.

  • Customizing a connection builder to restrict what connections language users can make.


    This sample includes a ReadMe.htm file that provides a full introduction to the sample. You can open this file in the solution under Solution Items in Solution Explorer.

To build and run the sample

  1. Open the FlowSample.sln solution.

    The default location is Drive:\Program Files\Visual Studio 2005 SDK\BuildNumber\VisualStudioIntegration\Samples\DSLTools\Example.DesignerCustomizations\Example.TaskFlow\FlowSample.sln.

  2. Press F5 to build the sample, register it in the experimental hive, and start an instance of the Visual Studio experimental build.


To use this sample, you must:

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