Text Template Walkthroughs

Text templates enable you to automatically generate code, HTML, and other text files that are based on your domain-specific language. This section contains basic walkthroughs that help you learn how to use text templates. These walkthroughs guide you through the procedures step by step.

Walkthrough: Creating and Running Text Templates

Walks you through the procedures to run the Domain-Specific Language Designer Wizard and create a text template that is based on the Class Diagrams solution template.

Walkthrough: Using an Assembly in a Text Template

Walks you through the procedures to create a simple assembly and use it in a text template.

Generating Artifacts By Using Text Templates

Describes the use of text templates to generate artifacts such as text reports, code, or HTML files.

Creating Domain-Specific Language Solutions

Describes the solution templates that you can use to create different types of domain-specific language solutions by using Domain-Specific Language Tools.

Domain-Specific Language Tools Glossary

Defines key terms that are used in the Help for Domain-Specific Language Tools.

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