Babel Namespace

The Babel namespace contains classes and enumerations based on the Managed Babel System that are designed to support the Transact-SQL language service. For more information about the Managed Babel System, see Managed Babel.

  Class Description
Public class CodeObjectQuickInfo Represents the IntelliSense Quick Info for a code object.
Public class LineScanner Scans Transact-SQL statements searching for individual units of code (tokens).
Public class MethodHelpText Provides information about a method to support IntelliSense features.
Public class MethodNameAndParamLocations Provides the name and parameter information about a method.
Public class Parameter Provides information about a parameter to support IntelliSense features.
Public class Region Provides the location of a region block.
Public class TokenInfo Provides information about a particular token that the Transact-SQL language parser encountered.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TokenTriggers Specifies a set of triggers that can be fired from the LineScanner class.
Public enumeration TokenType Specifies the token types that can be identified and returned by the language service scanner.

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