This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Installing Visual SourceSafe

Visual Studio 2005

Topics in this section tell you how to prepare the machines in your environment to work with a Visual SourceSafe database and how to install Visual SourceSafe programs. The product is available in retail stores, via MSDN on CD/DVD, or as a subscriber download.

To perform the installation procedures for the server and the database, you should be the database administrator for your site. Individual users can perform the client setup and installation procedures on their workstations, but they should have Windows administrator access to do so.

Before attempting an installation, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the information in Requirements for Installing Visual SourceSafe. After you have installed the product, be sure to check the Readme file for any last-minute information that you need for using Visual SourceSafe. For more information, see How to: Locate Readme Files.


ASP.NET is required to run Visual SourceSafe. The programs that install Visual SourceSafe install the .NET Framework, which includes ASP.NET.

In This Section

Requirements for Installing Visual SourceSafe

Describes considerations that you should be aware of before installing Visual SourceSafe, for example, licensing requirements, Windows permissions, and machine requirements.

How to: Install Visual SourceSafe on the Server Machine

Describes procedures for installing Visual SourceSafe on the server machine.

How to: Install Visual SourceSafe on a Client Machine

Describes procedures for installing Visual SourceSafe on a client machine.

How to: Enable Internet Information Services (IIS)

Tells how to enable IIS for users who need to access the database using the Internet. Presently only the SourceSafe Internet plug-in for Visual Studio is capable of Internet access.

How to: Set Up Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Provides an optional (but recommended) procedure for preparing SSL to allow secure remote access to the database.

How to: Uninstall Visual SourceSafe

Describes uninstall procedures for Visual SourceSafe.

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