We recommend using Visual Studio 2017

Technical Support Options for Visual Studio

The MSDN Forums contain helpful information about Visual Studio issues. Postings on the forums are created and updated by members of the Visual Studio user community. Also, Microsoft offers self-service support and assisted support for this product. The offerings are described on the Microsoft Support website.

If this Microsoft product was preinstalled on a new computer or other device, contact the device manufacturer for technical support and assistance.

On the MSDN Forums, product experts and other community members answer questions and share information about various products and features. The forums contain thousands of comment-and-reply threads that you can browse by category, search by keyword, filter, and sort. You can also start a thread of your own by posting a question or comment. The forums are moderated in accordance with the Microsoft Terms of Use.

You can obtain self-service support and assisted support for this Microsoft product. For information about Microsoft Support in the United States and Canada, see Microsoft Support. Text telephone (TTY/TDD) services are available at 1-800-892-5234.

Support services outside the United States and Canada may vary. For a list of country and regional contacts, see International Support. If your country or region doesn't have a Microsoft subsidiary office, contact the establishment from which you obtained this Microsoft product.

Microsoft support services are subject to the prices, terms, and conditions that are in effect when an incident is submitted. Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.