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Compiler Error CS1001

Identifier expected

You did not supply an identifier. An identifier is the name of a class, struct, namespace, method, variable and so on that you provide.

The following example declares a simple class but does not give the class a name:

public class              //CS1001
        public int Num {get; set;}
        void MethodA(){}

The following sample generates CS1001 because, when declaring an enum, you must specify members:

// CS1001.cs
public class clx
   enum Colors : int
      'a', 'b' // CS1001, 'a' is not a valid int identifier
       // The following line shows examples of valid identifiers:
       // Blue, Red, Orange

   public static void Main()

Parameter names are required even if the compiler doesn't use them, for example, in an interface definition. These parameters are required so that programmers who are consuming the interface know something about the what the parameters mean.

// CS1001-2.cs
// compile with: /target:library
interface IMyTest
   void TestFunc1(int, int);  // CS1001
   // Use the following line instead:
   // void TestFunc1(int a, int b);

class CMyTest : IMyTest
   void IMyTest.TestFunc1(int a, int b)
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