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Compiler Error C2819


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type 'type' does not have an overloaded member 'operator ->'

You need to define operator->() to use this pointer operation.

The following sample generates C2819:

// C2819.cpp  
// compile with: /c  
class A {  
      int i;  
class B {};  
void C(B j) {  
   j->i;   // C2819  
class D {  
   A* pA;  
      A* operator->() {  
         return pA;  
void F(D j) {  

C2819 can also occur when using C++ Stack Semantics for Reference Types. The following sample generates C2819:

// C2819_b.cpp  
// compile with: /clr  
ref struct R {  
   void Test() {}  
int main() {  
   R r;  
   r->Test();   // C2819  
   r.Test();   // OK