This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Visual Studio 2005

Restores information from a previously created archive. If the restore operation attempts to create a duplicate file or project name, the operation fails. Visual SourcSafe also implements restore operations through its Restore wizard, available in Visual SourceSafe Administrator.


SSRESTOR cannot restore a project that is larger than 2 GB. A project larger than this cannot be archived.

ssrestor [-C][-I-][-L][-O][-P<project>][-S][-T][-X][-Y]
<archive file to restore> [files/projects]

The following table describes options available with this command.


Specifies a comment (standard Visual SourceSafe parameter). The comment is applied to the history entry for restored item(s).


Specifies no comment.


Specifies no input (standard Visual SourceSafe parameter).


Specifies a list only, without any restoration.


Specifies a list of all files and subprojects listed under a project, for example, project $/A.


Redirects output (standard Visual SourceSafe parameter).


Specifies a project to which to restore content. For instance, if you archive $/A/BAR.C and then restore it, it will be restored as $/A/BAR.C.

-S<srcsafe.ini path><data path>

Specifies a path to Srcsafe.ini and the Data directory.


Tests the archive file for corruption, but does not actually restore from the archive.

-X, -X-

Identifies an item that you want to restore, for example, $/a/b. This option distinguishes between deleted projects and undeleted projects that have the same names. For example, if you have deleted $a/b and specify the -X option, SSRESTOR restores the deleted $/a/b. If you specify -X-, SSRESTOR restores an undeleted $/a/b. Even though they have the same name, note that these are two different projects that the utility treats differently.


Specifies user name and password (standard Visual SourceSafe parameter). An example is -YAdmin,Moggy.

archive file to restore

Specifies the name of the archive file from which to restore the database.


Specifies files and projects to restore.