Visual J# Upgrade Report
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual J# Upgrade Report

Visual Studio 2005

The Visual J# Upgrade Wizard creates an upgrade report for every project that is upgraded from Visual J++ 6.0 to Visual J#. This report is added to the upgraded project. By default, the upgrade report will be opened when the wizard is closed. The upgrade report contains information about the upgrade process and a list of issues that need to be addressed before your project can be run.

The upgrade report is in HTML format; you can view it within the Visual Studio development environment by double-clicking the file in Solution Explorer, or you can view it in an external browser by choosing Browse With from the File menu.

There are three sections in the report:

  • The first portion contains general information about the upgrade, including location of the upgraded project and time of upgrade.

  • The second portion contains a list of issues identified during upgrade. By expanding the section for each category of issues, you can see the details of the issues, including impact of the issue and number of occurrences in the project. You can further expand each issue to see relevant details such as the files where the issue has been detected. Each category and issue description is a link to a help topic with more information on how to address the issue.

  • The last portion contains additional upgrade information, such as a list of references added to the upgraded project.

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