This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CReBarCtrl Class

Encapsulates the functionality of a rebar control, which is a container for a child window.

class CReBarCtrl : public CWnd

The application in which the rebar control resides assigns the child window contained by the rebar control to the rebar band. The child window is usually another common control.

Rebar controls contain one or more bands. Each band can contain a combination of a gripper bar, a bitmap, a text label, and a child window. The band can contain only one of each of these items.

The rebar control can display the child window over a specified background bitmap. All rebar control bands can be resized, except those that use the RBBS_FIXEDSIZE style. As you reposition or resize a rebar control band, the rebar control manages the size and position of the child window assigned to that band. To resize or change the order of bands within the control, click and drag a band's gripper bar.

The following illustration shows a rebar control that has three bands:

  • Band 0 contains a flat, transparent toolbar control.

  • Band 1 contains both transparent standard and transparent dropdown buttons.

  • Band 2 contains a combo box and four standard buttons.

    RebarMenuSample screenshot

Rebar control

Rebar controls support:

  • Image lists.

  • Message-handling.

  • Custom draw functionality.

  • A variety of control styles in addition to standard window styles. For a list of these styles, see Rebar Control Styles in the Windows SDK.

For more information, see Using CReBarCtrl.

Header: afxcmn.h