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File access error
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File access error

There was a problem accessing a file or folder while building a deployment project. There are several situations that can cause file or folder access errors.

When building, files are built in an output directory specified by the Output file name project property. Each time you build or rebuild, files are deleted and then re-created.

If the deployment project references files outside of the project directory, those files should not be moved or deleted.

To correct this error

Check for the following:

  • If the Output file name specifies a path on a disk drive, make sure that the disk is inserted and is not write-protected.
  • If the Output file name specifies a path on a network, make sure that the network path is accessible.
  • If the Output file name specifies a root directory or a special folder, make sure that the file is not marked read-only.
  • Make sure that the file or folder is not currently being locked by another process.
  • Make sure that the file or folder actually exists on the development computer.
  • Make sure that there is enough space available in the System temporary folder. Building large files can fail if adequate free space is not available.

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