This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Application Information and Management

When you write an application, you create a single CWinApp-derived object. At times, you may want to get information about this object from outside the CWinApp-derived object.

The Microsoft Foundation Class Library provides the following global functions to help you accomplish these tasks:

Application Information and Management Functions

AfxFreeLibrary Decrements the reference count of the loaded dynamic-link library (DLL) module; when the reference count reaches zero, the module is unmapped.
AfxGetApp Returns a pointer to the application's single CWinApp object.
AfxGetAppName Returns a string containing the application's name.
AfxGetInstanceHandle Returns an HINSTANCE representing this instance of the application.
AfxGetMainWnd Returns a pointer to the current "main" window of a non-OLE application, or the in-place frame window of a server application.
AfxGetResourceHandle Returns an HINSTANCE to the source of the application's default resources. Use this to access the application's resources directly.
AfxInitRichEdit Initializes the version 1.0 rich edit control for the application.
AfxInitRichEdit2 Initializes the version 2.0 and later rich edit control for the application.
AfxLoadLibrary Maps a DLL module and returns a handle that can be used to get the address of a DLL function.
AfxRegisterWndClass Registers a Windows window class to supplement those registered automatically by MFC.
AfxSocketInit Called in a CWinApp::InitInstance override to initialize Windows Sockets.
AfxSetResourceHandle Sets the HINSTANCE handle where the default resources of the application are loaded.
AfxRegisterClass Registers a window class in a DLL that uses MFC.
AfxBeginThread Creates a new thread.
AfxEndThread Terminates the current thread.
AfxGetThread Retrieves a pointer to the current CWinThread object.
AfxWinInit Called by the MFC-supplied WinMain function, as part of the CWinApp initialization of a GUI-based application, to initialize MFC. Must be called directly for console applications using MFC.

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