This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Writes out the contents of this CRichEditCtrl object to the specified output stream.

long StreamOut(
   int nFormat,



Flags specifying the output data formats. See the Remarks section for more information.


EDITSTREAM structure specifying the output stream. See the Remarks section for more information.

Number of characters written to the output stream.

The value of nFormat must be one of the following:

  • SF_TEXT   Indicates writing text only.

  • SF_RTF   Indicates writing text and formatting.

  • SF_RTFNOOBJS   Indicates writing text and formatting, replacing OLE items with spaces.

  • SF_TEXTIZED   Indicates writing text and formatting, with textual representations of OLE items.

Any of these values can be combined with SFF_SELECTION. If SFF_SELECTION is specified, StreamOut writes out the current selection into the output stream. If it is not specified, StreamOut writes out the entire contents of this CRichEditCtrl object.

In the EDITSTREAM parameter es, you specify a callback function which fills a buffer with text. This callback function is called repeatedly, until the output stream is exhausted.

For more information, see EM_STREAMOUT message and EDITSTREAM structure in the Platform SDK.

// My callback procedure that reads the rich edit control contents
// from a file.
MyStreamOutCallback(DWORD dwCookie, LPBYTE pbBuff, LONG cb, LONG *pcb)
   CFile* pFile = (CFile*) dwCookie;

   pFile->Write(pbBuff, cb);
   *pcb = cb;

   return 0;

// The example code.
   // The pointer to my rich edit control.
   extern CRichEditCtrl* pmyRichEditCtrl;
   // The file to store the contents of the rich edit control.
   CFile cFile(TEXT("myfile.rtf"), CFile::modeCreate|CFile::modeWrite);

   es.dwCookie = (DWORD) &cFile;
   es.pfnCallback = MyStreamOutCallback; 
   pmyRichEditCtrl->StreamOut(SF_RTF, es);