ResourceManager.GetStream Method (String, CultureInfo)

Returns an UnmanagedMemoryStream object from the specified resource, using the specified culture.

Namespace:  System.Resources
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

public UnmanagedMemoryStream GetStream(
	string name,
	CultureInfo culture


Type: System.String
The name of a resource.
Type: System.Globalization.CultureInfo
The culture to use for the resource lookup. If culture is null, the culture for the current thread is used.

Return Value

Type: System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream
An unmanaged memory stream.


The value of the specified resource is not a MemoryStream object.


name is null.


No usable set of resources is found, and there are no neutral resources.

The GetStream method takes the name of a resource that is stored as a MemoryStream object, gets the value of the Object resource, and returns an UnmanagedMemoryStream object. The resource lookup is based on the culture specified by the culture parameter. If culture is null, the culture for the current thread is used.

This method is useful primarily for performance reasons: retrieving a resource as a UnmanagedMemoryStream object instead of an explicit object can improve performance.


Supported in: 5, 4, 3

Silverlight for Windows Phone

Supported in: Windows Phone OS 7.1, Windows Phone OS 7.0

XNA Framework

Supported in: Xbox 360, Windows Phone OS 7.0

For a list of the operating systems and browsers that are supported by Silverlight, see Supported Operating Systems and Browsers.

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