Active Directory Authentication Library .NET


The Azure AD Authentication Library (ADAL) for .NET enables client application developers to easily authenticate users to cloud or on-premises Active Directory (AD), and then obtain access tokens for securing API calls. ADAL for .NET has many features that make authentication easier for developers, such as asynchronous support, a configurable token cache that stores access tokens and refresh tokens, automatic token refresh when an access token expires and a refresh token is available, and more. By handling most of the complexity, ADAL for .NET can help a developer focus on business logic in their application and easily secure resources without being an expert on security.

Important: The API topics in this reference apply to ADAL version 2.19.208020213 for .NET Desktop.

For information about ADAL on other platforms, such as Android, iOS, OS X, Java, Node.js, and more, see Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries.

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