IWebSiteExtensionsClient Members

The websites extensions client manages the web sites deployments, web jobs and other extensions.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IWebSiteExtensionsClient type.

  Name Description
public property ApiVersion Gets the API version.
public property BaseUri Gets the URI used as the base for all cloud service requests.
public property ContinuousWebJobs Operations for managing continuous WebJobs.
public property Credentials TBD.
public property Deployments Operations for managing the repositories.
public property Diagnostics Operations for managing the diagnostics settings.
public property LongRunningOperationInitialTimeout Gets or sets the initial timeout for Long Running Operations.
public property LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout Gets or sets the retry timeout for Long Running Operations.
public property Repository Operations for managing the repository.
public property Settings Operations for managing the settings.
public property SiteName The site name.
public property TriggeredWebJobs Operations for managing Triggered WebJobs.