ITableEntity Members

Updated: March 10, 2014

An interface required for table entity types. The ITableEntity interface declares getter and setter methods for the mandatory entity properties, and ReadEntity and WriteEntity methods for serialization and de-serialization of all entity properties using a property dictionary. Create classes implementing ITableEntity to customize property storage, retrieval, serialization and de-serialization, and to provide additional custom logic for a table entity.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ITableEntity type.

  Name Description
public property ETag Gets or sets the entity's current ETag. Set this value to '*' in order to blindly overwrite an entity as part of an update operation.
public property PartitionKey Gets or sets the entity's partition key.
public property RowKey Gets or sets the entity's row key.
public property Timestamp Gets or sets the entity's timestamp.

  Name Description
public method ReadEntity Populates the entity's properties from the EntityProperty data values in the properties dictionary.
public method WriteEntity Serializes the IDictionary of property names mapped to EntityProperty data values from the entity instance.