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Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.Table Namespace

Updated: March 10, 2014

Class Description
CloudTable Represents a Windows Azure table.
CloudTableClient Provides a client-side logical representation of the Windows Azure Table Service. This client is used to configure and execute requests against the Table Service.
DynamicTableEntity A ITableEntity type which allows callers direct access to the property map of the entity. This class eliminates the use of reflection for serialization and deserialization.
EntityProperty Class for storing information about a single property in an entity in a table.
IgnorePropertyAttribute Represents a custom attribute that can be used to ignore entity properties during serialization/de-serialization.
QueryComparisons Defines the set of comparison operators that may be used for constructing queries.
SharedAccessTablePolicies Represents the collection of shared access policies defined for a table.
SharedAccessTablePolicy Represents a shared access policy, which specifies the start time, expiry time, and permissions for a shared access signature.
TableBatchOperation Represents a batch operation on a table.
TableContinuationToken Represents a continuation token for listing operations.
TableEntity Represents the base object type for a table entity in the Table service.
TableOperation Represents a single table operation.
TableOperators Defines the set of Boolean operators for constructing queries.
TablePermissions Represents the permissions for a table.
TableQuery Represents a query against a specified table.
TableQuery Represents a query against a Windows Azure table.
TableQuerySegment Represents a segment of results and contains continuation token information.
TableRequestOptions Represents a set of timeout and retry policy options that may be specified for a request against the Table service.
TableResult Represents the result of a table operation.
TableResultSegment Represents a segment of CloudTable results, with continuation information for pagination scenarios.
TableStorageModel Represents a data model that will be used by OData for table transactions.

Interface Description
ITableEntity An interface required for table entity types. The ITableEntity interface declares getter and setter methods for the mandatory entity properties, and ReadEntity and WriteEntity methods for serialization and de-serialization of all entity properties using a property dictionary. Create classes implementing ITableEntity to customize property storage, retrieval, serialization and de-serialization, and to provide additional custom logic for a table entity.

Delegate Description
EntityResolver Returns a delegate for resolving entities.

Enumeration Description
EdmType Enumeration containing the types of values that can be stored in a table entity property.
SharedAccessTablePermissions Specifies the set of possible permissions for a shared access table policy.
TableOperationType Enumeration containing the types of operations that can be performed by a TableOperation.
TablePayloadFormat Describes the payload formats supported for Tables.

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