RequestResult Members

Updated: May 15, 2014

Represents the result of a physical request.

The following tables list the members exposed by the RequestResult type.

  Name Description

  Name Description
public property ContentMd5 Gets the content-MD5 value for the request.
public property EgressBytes The number of bytes written to the request body for a given request
public property EndTime Gets the end time of the operation.
public property Etag Gets the ETag value of the request.
public property Exception Gets or sets the exception.
public property ExtendedErrorInformation Gets the extended error information.
public property HttpStatusCode Gets or sets the HTTP status code for the request.
public property HttpStatusMessage Gets the HTTP status message for the request.
public property IngressBytes The number of bytes read from the response body for the given request
public property RequestDate Gets the request date.
public property ServiceRequestID Gets the service request ID for this request.
public property StartTime Gets the start time of the operation.
public property TargetLocation Gets the location to which the request was sent.

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public methodReadXmlGenerates a serializable RequestResult from its XML representation.
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public methodstaticTranslateFromExceptionMessageTranslates the specified message into a RequestResult object. Obsolete.
public methodWriteXmlConverts a serializable RequestResult into its XML representation.

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