BlobRequestOptions Members

Updated: May 15, 2014

Represents a set of timeout and retry policy options that may be specified for a request against the Blob service.

The following tables list the members exposed by the BlobRequestOptions type.

  Name Description
  BlobRequestOptions Initializes a new instance of the BlobRequestOptions class.

  Name Description
public property DisableContentMD5Validation Gets or sets a value to indicate that MD5 validation will be disabled when downloading blobs.
public property LocationMode Gets or sets the location mode of the request.
public property MaximumExecutionTime Gets or sets the maximum execution time across all potential retries for the request.
public property ParallelOperationThreadCount Gets or sets the number of blocks that may be simultaneously uploaded when uploading a blob that is greater than the value specified by the SingleBlobUploadThresholdInBytes property in size.
public property RetryPolicy Gets or sets the retry policy for the request.
public property ServerTimeout Gets or sets the server timeout interval for the request.
public property SingleBlobUploadThresholdInBytes Gets or sets the maximum size of a blob in bytes that may be uploaded as a single blob.
public property StoreBlobContentMD5 Gets or sets a value to indicate that an MD5 hash will be calculated and stored when uploading a blob.
public property UseTransactionalMD5 Gets or sets a value to calculate and send/validate content MD5 for transactions.

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