WebSiteUpdateConfigurationParameters Members

Represents the parameters that are used to update the configuration of a web site.

The following tables list the members exposed by the WebSiteUpdateConfigurationParameters type.

  Name Description
  WebSiteUpdateConfigurationParameters Initializes a new instance of the WebSiteUpdateConfigurationParameters class.

  Name Description
public property AlwaysOn Optional. Indicates if site's Always On feature enabled.
public property AppSettings Gets or sets a collection of name and value pairs that contain application settings for a web site.
public property ConnectionStrings Gets or sets a collection of ConnectionStringInfo objects that define the connection strings for databases and other external resources.
public property DefaultDocuments Gets or sets a collection that contains, in order of preference, the names of the files that a web site returns when the web site's domain name is requested by itself.
public property DetailedErrorLoggingEnabled Gets or sets whether detailed error logging is enabled.
public property DocumentRoot Optional. The document root.
public property HandlerMappings Gets or sets a collection of HandlerMapping objects that define the custom executable programs for handling requests for specific file name extensions.
public property HttpLoggingEnabled Gets or sets whether HTTP error logging is enabled.
public property LogsDirectorySizeLimit Optional. The size limit of the logs directory.
public property ManagedPipelineMode Optional. The managed pipeline mode.
public property Metadata Gets or sets a collection of name and value pairs for source control or other information.
public property NetFrameworkVersion Gets or sets the .NET Framework version.
public property NumberOfWorkers Gets or sets the number of web workers that are allotted to the web site.
public property PhpVersion Gets or sets the PHP version of the web site.
public property RemoteDebuggingEnabled Optional. Indicates if remote debugging is enabled.
public property RemoteDebuggingVersion Optional. The remote debugging version.
public property RequestTracingEnabled Gets or sets whether request tracing is enabled.
public property RequestTracingExpirationTime Gets or sets the time that remains until request tracing expires.
public property RoutingRules Optional. List of routing rules for the website.
public property ScmType Gets or sets the source control method that the web site is using.
public property Use32BitWorkerProcess Gets or sets whether 32-bit mode is enabled.
public property WebSocketsEnabled Optional. Indicates if Web Sockets are enabled.

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