WebSiteRestoreDiscoverResponse Members

The information gathered about a backup storaged in a storage account.

The following tables list the members exposed by the WebSiteRestoreDiscoverResponse type.

  Name Description
  WebSiteRestoreDiscoverResponse Initializes a new instance of the WebSiteRestoreDiscoverResponse class.

  Name Description
public property AdjustConnectionStrings Optional. If the restore operation also restores a database along with the website and the database is on a different server than when the original site h
public property BlobName Optional. The blob name where the backup is stored, e.g.
public property Databases Optional. Database settings for backup.
public property IgnoreConflictingHostNames Optional. When restoring a site, custom domains might conflict with other site in the same datacenter. If this value is true, such hostnames will be ignored during restore. If this is false, the restore operation will fail on such conflict.
public property Overwrite Optional. True if the restore operation will be used for overwrite an existing site; false otherwise.
public property RequestId  Gets the identifier of the request that was made to the service. (Inherited from OperationResponse)
public property StatusCode  Gets the status code. (Inherited from OperationResponse)
public property StorageAccountUrl  

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