WebHostingPlanGetHistoricalUsageMetricsParameters Members

Parameters supplied to the Get Historical Usage Metrics Web hosting plan operation.

The following tables list the members exposed by the WebHostingPlanGetHistoricalUsageMetricsParameters type.

  Name Description
  WebHostingPlanGetHistoricalUsageMetricsParameters Initializes a new instance of the WebHostingPlanGetHistoricalUsageMetricsParameters class.

  Name Description
public property EndTime Optional. The ending time of the metrics to return. If this parameter is not specified, the current time is used.
public property IncludeInstanceBreakdown Optional. Flag which specifies if the metrics for each machine instance should be included. For sites that run on more than one machine this could be useful to identify a bad machine.
public property MetricNames Optional. Specifies a comma-separated list of the names of the metrics to return. If the names parameter is not specified, then all available metrics are returned.
public property StartTime Optional. The starting time of the metrics to return. If this parameter is not specified, the beginning of the current hour is used.
public property TimeGrain Optional. The grain at which the metrics are returned. Supported values are PT1M (minute), PT1H (hour), P1D (day).

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