GatewayGetResponse Members

Represents a retrieved Virtual Network Gateway.

The following tables list the members exposed by the GatewayGetResponse type.

  Name Description
  GatewayGetResponse Initializes a new instance of the GatewayGetResponse class.

  Name Description
public property GatewayType Gets or sets a GatewayType value that specifies the type of gateway routing that is used for the Virtual Network.
public property LastEvent Gets or sets an GatewayEvent object that contains the last recorded event for the Virtual Network Gateway.
public property RequestId  Gets the identifier of the request that was made to the service. (Inherited from OperationResponse)
public property State Gets or sets the provisioning state of the Virtual Network Gateway.
public property StatusCode  Gets the status code. (Inherited from OperationResponse)
public property VipAddress Gets or sets the virtual IP address for the Virtual Network Gateway.

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