Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.VirtualNetworks.Models Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.VirtualNetworks.Models contains classes for managing Virtual Networks settings.

ClientRootCertificateCreateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to create a client root certificate.
ClientRootCertificateGetResponseRepresents a retrieved client root certificate.
ClientRootCertificateListResponseRepresents a list of client root certificates.
ClientRootCertificateRepresents a client root certificate.
GatewayConnectDisconnectOrTestParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to connect to, disconnect from, or test a network connection.
GatewayCreateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to create a Virtual Network Gateway.
GatewayEventRepresents a management event for the Virtual Network Gateway.
GatewayGenerateVpnClientPackageParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to the generate a VPN client package.
GatewayGetDeviceConfigurationScriptParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to retrieve a device configuration script.
GatewayGetDeviceConfigurationScriptResponseRepresents the device configuration script.
GatewayGetOperationStatusResponseRepresents the status of an asynchronous operation.
ErrorDetailsRepresents the details about an error that occurred.
GatewayGetResponseRepresents a retrieved Virtual Network Gateway.
GatewayGetSharedKeyResponseRepresents a shared key.
GatewayListConnectionsResponseRepresents the list of connections to a Virtual Network Gateway.
GatewayConnectionRepresents a Virtual Network Gateway connection.
GatewayListSupportedDevicesResponseRepresents the list of supported device configurations.
OSFamilyRepresents the family of the client operating system.
PlatformRepresents the name and supported OS Families for the vendor on the platform.
VendorRepresents the name and supported platforms for the vendor.
GatewayOperationResponseRepresents the status of an asynchronous operation.
GatewayProvisioningEventStatesSpecifies the standard states for Virtual Network Gateway provisioning events.
GatewayResetSharedKeyParametersRepresents the length of a shared key to generate.
NetworkGetConfigurationResponseRepresents a retrieved Virtual Network configuration.
NetworkListResponseRepresents the list of Virtual Network sites.
AddressSpaceRepresents the address space.
ConnectionRepresents the type of connection of the local network site.
DnsServerRepresents a DNS server for a Virtual Network site.
GatewayRepresents the gateway references to the local network sites to which the Virtual Network can connect.
LocalNetworkSiteRepresents the local network site.
SubnetRepresents a subnet for Virtual Network site.
VirtualNetworkSiteRepresents the Virtual Network space that is dedicated to a subscription.
VPNClientAddressPoolRepresents the VPN client address pool.
NetworkSetConfigurationParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to configure a Virtual Network.
VirtualNetworkOperationStatusResponseRepresents the status of an asynchronous operation.
ErrorDetailsRepresents the details about an error that occurred.
VirtualNetworkStateSpecifies the state of a Virtual Network.

GatewayConnectionUpdateOperationSpecifies the operation to perform on the connection.
GatewayConnectivityStateSpecifies the status of the connection.
GatewayOperationStatusSpecifies the status of an asynchronous request.
GatewayProcessorArchitectureSpecifies the processor architecture for the generated VPN client package.
GatewayProfileSpecifies the sizes of a gateway profile.
GatewayTypeSpecifies the type of the Virtual Network Gateway.
LocalNetworkConnectionTypeSpecifies the type of connection of a local network.
OperationStatusSpecifies the status of the asynchronous request.