Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.TrafficManager.Models Namespace

The Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.TrafficManager.Models namespace contains classes that provide information and settings for managing Traffic Manager profiles and definitions.

DefinitionRepresents a Traffic Manager definition.
DefinitionCreateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to create a Traffic Manager definition.
DefinitionDnsOptionsRepresents the DNS options of a definition.
DefinitionEndpointCreateParametersRepresents the configuration of an endpoint in a definition.
DefinitionEndpointResponseRepresents information about an endpoint.
DefinitionGetResponseRepresents the information about a definition.
DefinitionMonitorRepresents a monitoring configuration.
DefinitionMonitorHTTPOptionsRepresents the options to use when making an HTTP request to monitor endpoint health.
DefinitionPolicyCreateParametersRepresents the parameters that are used to create a monitoring policy.
DefinitionPolicyResponseRepresents the monitoring policy.
DefinitionsListResponseRepresents the list of definitions in a profile.
DefinitionStatusAndVersionRepresents the status and version of a definition.
DnsPrefixAvailabilityCheckResponseRepresents a response that indicates whether a DNS prefix is available to use.
ProfileRepresents a profile.
ProfileGetResponseRepresents a retrieved profile.
ProfilesListResponseRepresents a list of profiles.
ProfileStatusDetailsRepresents the status details of a profile.

DefinitionEndpointMonitorStatusSpecifies the status of endpoint monitoring.
DefinitionMonitorProtocolSpecifies the protocol to use to monitor endpoint health.
DefinitionPolicyMonitorStatusSpecifies the health status for the overall load balancing policy.
EndpointStatusSpecifies the status of an endpoint.
EndpointTypeSpecifies the type of an endpoint.
LoadBalancingMethodSpecifies the load balancing method that is used to distribute connections.
ProfileDefinitionStatusSpecifies whether a definition is enabled or disabled for a profile.