StorageServiceProperties Members

Represents the details about a storage account.

The following tables list the members exposed by the StorageServiceProperties type.

  Name Description
  StorageServiceProperties Initializes a new instance of the StorageServiceProperties class.

  Name Description
public property AffinityGroup Gets or sets the name of the affinity group with which the storage account is associated.
public property Description Gets or sets the description of the storage account.
public property Endpoints Gets or sets a collection of URLs that are used to perform a retrieval of a public blob, queue, or table object.
public property GeoPrimaryRegion Gets or sets the primary geographical region in which the storage account exists.
public property GeoReplicationEnabled Gets or sets whether the data in the storage account is replicated across more than one geographic location.
public property GeoSecondaryRegion Gets or sets the geographical region in which the storage account is being replicated.
public property Label Gets or sets base-64 encoded label of the storage account.
public property LastGeoFailoverTime Gets a timestamp that indicates the most recent instance of a failover to the secondary region.
public property Location Gets or sets the geo-location where the storage account is located.
public property Status Gets or sets a StorageServiceStatus value that specifies the status of the storage account at the time the operation was called.
public property StatusOfGeoPrimaryRegion Gets or sets the status of the primary storage region.
public property StatusOfGeoSecondaryRegion Gets or sets the status of the secondary storage region.

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