StatusInfo Members

Describes the status of an import or export operation.

The following tables list the members exposed by the StatusInfo type.

  Name Description
  StatusInfo Initializes a new instance of the StatusInfo class.

  Name Description
public property BlobUri Optional. Gets the URI of the DACPAC file being used that is stored in Azure Blob Storage. For import this is the DACPAC that is being imported. For export this is the destination for the resultant DACPAC file.
public property DatabaseName Optional. Gets the name of the database that is being used. For import this is the name of the newly created database that is being imported into. For export this is the name of the database being exported.
public property ErrorMessage Optional. Gets the error message of the request if the request failed in some way.
public property LastModifiedTime Optional. Gets the last time the operation status changed.
public property QueuedTime Optional. Gets the time at which the import or export request was queued and the process initiated.
public property RequestId Optional. Gets the request ID of this import or export request. This can be used to continue to track this operation using GetStatus.
public property RequestType Optional. Gets the type of the operation. This can be either: Import or Export.
public property ServerName Optional. Gets the name of the SQL Database server holding the database that the import or export operation is utilizing.
public property Status Optional. Gets the status of the import or export request.

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