ApplicationGatewaySetConfiguration Members

The parameters supplied to a SetApplicationGatewayConfiguation request.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ApplicationGatewaySetConfiguration type.

  Name Description
  ApplicationGatewaySetConfiguration Initializes a new instance of the ApplicationGatewaySetConfiguration class.

  Name Description
public property BackendAddressPools Optional. Backend Address Pool
public property BackendHttpSettingsList Optional. Backend Http Setting
public property FrontendIPConfigurations Optional. Frontend IPs of application gateway.
public property FrontendPorts Optional. Frontend ports on the application gateway.
public property HttpListeners Optional. Backend Http Setting
public property HttpLoadBalancingRules Optional. Backend Http Setting
public property RequestId  (Inherited from AzureOperationResponse)
public property StatusCode  (Inherited from HttpOperationResponse)

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