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Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.Monitoring.Alerts.Models Namespace

Updated: November 20, 2013

Class Description
Incident Represents an alert incident.
IncidentCollection Represents the alert incidents collection.
IncidentGetResponse Represents the Get Incident operation response.
IncidentListResponse Represents the List incidents operation response.
Rule Represents an alert rule.
RuleAction Represents a rule action.
RuleCollection Represents an alert rules collection.
RuleCondition Represents a rule condition.
RuleCreateOrUpdateParameters Represents the parameters supplied to the Create or Update Rule operation.
RuleDataSource Represents a rule data source.
RuleEmailAction Represents a rule email action.
RuleGetResponse Represents the Get Rule operation response.
RuleListResponse Represents the List Rules operation response.
RuleMetricDataSource Represents a rule metric data source.
ThresholdRuleCondition Represents a threshold rule condition.

Enumeration Description
ConditionOperator Specifies the type of comparison for two values (or expressions) in a condition expression.

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