IManagementClient Members

Represents the interface for operations that are used to manage cloud service operations.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IManagementClient type.

  Name Description
public property AffinityGroups Gets the operations for managing affinity groups in a subscription.
public property ApiVersion Gets the API version.
public property BaseUri Gets the URI that is used as the base for all operation requests.
public property Credentials Gets the credentials that are required to perform operations on subscription resources.
public property Locations Gets the operation for listing the available data center locations.
public property LongRunningOperationInitialTimeout Gets or sets the initial timeout for Long Running Operations.
public property LongRunningOperationRetryTimeout Gets or sets the retry timeout for Long Running Operations.
public property ManagementCertificates Gets the operations for managing management certificates.
public property RoleSizes The Service Management API includes operations for listing the available role sizes for VMs in your subscription.
public property Subscriptions Gets the operations for listing subscription information.

(see also Extension Methods)
public methodGetOperationStatusAsyncAsynchronously returns the status of the specified operation.