VirtualMachineVMImageUpdateParameters Members

Parameters supplied to the Update Virtual Machine Image operation.

The following tables list the members exposed by the VirtualMachineVMImageUpdateParameters type.

  Name Description
  VirtualMachineVMImageUpdateParameters Overloaded.  

  Name Description
public property DataDiskConfigurations Optional. Optional. The Data Disk Configurations.
public property Description Optional. Specifies the description of the OS image.
public property Eula Optional. Specifies the End User License Agreement that is associated with the image. The value for this element is a string, but it is recommended that the value be a URL that points to a EULA.
public property IconUri Optional. Specifies the URI to the icon that is displayed for the image in the Management Portal.
public property ImageFamily Optional. Specifies a value that can be used to group OS images.
public property Label Required. Specifies the friendly name of the image to be updated. You cannot use this operation to update images provided by the Azure platform.
public property Language Optional. Specifies the language of the image.
public property OSDiskConfiguration Optional. Optional. The OS Disk Configuration.
public property PrivacyUri Optional. Specifies the URI that points to a document that contains the privacy policy related to the OS image.
public property PublishedDate Optional. Specifies the date when the OS image was added to the image repository.
public property RecommendedVMSize Optional. Specifies the size to use for the virtual machine that is created from the OS image.
public property ShowInGui Optional. Optional. True or False.
public property SmallIconUri Optional. Specifies the URI to the small icon that is displayed when the image is presented in the Azure Management Portal.

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