OSDiskConfiguration Members

The OS disk configuration.

The following tables list the members exposed by the OSDiskConfiguration type.

  Name Description
  OSDiskConfiguration Initializes a new instance of the OSDiskConfiguration class.

  Name Description
public property HostCaching Optional. Specifies the platform caching behavior of the operating system disk blob for read/write efficiency.
public property IOType Optional. Gets or sets the IO type.
public property LogicalDiskSizeInGB Optional. Specifies the size, in GB, of an empty VHD to be attached to the virtual machine. The VHD can be created as part of disk attach or create virtual machine calls by specifying the value for this property. Azure creates the empty VHD based on size preference and attaches the newly created VHD to the virtual machine.
public property MediaLink Optional. Specifies the location of the disk in Windows Azure storage.
public property Name Optional. Specifies the name of an operating system image in the image repository.
public property OperatingSystem Optional. The operating system running in the virtual machine.
public property OSState Optional. The operating system state in the virtual machine.

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OSDiskConfiguration Class
Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.Compute.Models.VirtualMachineVMImageListResponse Namespace