VirtualMachineImageCreateParameters Members

Represents the parameters that are used to create an operating system image.

The following tables list the members exposed by the VirtualMachineImageCreateParameters type.

  Name Description
  VirtualMachineImageCreateParameters Initializes a new instance of the VirtualMachineImageCreateParameters class.

  Name Description
public property Description Gets or sets the description of the operating system image.
public property Eula Gets or sets the End User License Agreement that is associated with the image.
public property IconUri Gets or sets the URI to the icon that is displayed for the image in the Management Portal.
public property ImageFamily Gets or sets a value that can be used to group operating system images.
public property IsPremium Gets or sets whether the image contains software or associated services that will incur charges above the core price for the Virtual Machine.
public property Label Gets or sets the friendly name of the image.
public property Language Gets or sets the language of the operating system image.
public property MediaLinkUri Gets or sets the location in storage where the VHD for the operating system image is stored.
public property Name Gets or sets a name that is used to identify the image when creating one or more Virtual Machines.
public property OperatingSystemType Gets or sets the type of operating system.
public property PrivacyUri Gets or sets the URI that points to a document that contains the privacy policy related to the operating system image.
public property PublishedDate Gets or sets the date when the operating system image was added to the image repository.
public property RecommendedVMSize Gets or sets a VirtualMachineRoleSize value that specifies the size to use for the Virtual Machine that is created from the operating system image.
public property ShowInGui Gets or sets whether the image should appear in the image gallery.
public property SmallIconUri Gets or sets the URI to the small icon that is displayed when the image is presented in the Windows Azure Management Portal.

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