Role Members

Represents a Virtual Machine role in a deployment.

The following tables list the members exposed by the Role type.

  Name Description
  Role Initializes a new instance of the Role class.

  Name Description
public property AvailabilitySetName Gets or sets the name of a set of Virtual Machines.
public property ConfigurationSets Gets or sets a collection of ConfigurationSet objects that define system or application configuration settings.
public property DataVirtualHardDisks Gets or sets a collection of DataVirtualHardDisk objects that define the parameters that are used to add data disks to the Virtual Machine.
public property DefaultWinRmCertificateThumbprint Gets or sets the read-only thumbprint of the certificate that is used with the HTTPS listener for WinRM.
public property Label Gets or sets an identifier for the deployment.
public property MediaLocation Optional. Storage location where the VM Image VHDs should be copied, for published VM Images.
public property OSVersion Gets or sets the version of the operating system on which the role instances are running.
public property OSVirtualHardDisk Gets or sets an OSVirtualHardDisk object that defines the parameters that are used to create the operating system disk for the Virtual Machine.
public property ProvisionGuestAgent Optional. Indicates whether the WindowsAzureGuestAgent service is installed on the Virtual Machine. To run a resource extension in a Virtual Machine, this service must be installed.
public property ResourceExtensionReferences Optional. Contains a collection of resource extensions that are to be installed on the Virtual Machine. This element is used if ProvisionGuestAgent is set to true.
public property RoleName Gets or sets the name of the Virtual Machine.
public property RoleSize Gets or sets the size of the Virtual Machine.
public property RoleType Gets or sets the type of the role.
public property VMImageName Optional. Optional. The name of the VMImage from which this Role is to be created. If the OSDisk in the VMImage was Specialized, then no WindowsProvisioningConfigurationSet or LinuxProvisioningConfigurationSet should be provided. No OSVirtualHardDisk or DataVirtualHardDisk should be specified when using this argument.

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