InputEndpoint Members

Represents the information about an input endpoint.

The following tables list the members exposed by the InputEndpoint type.

  Name Description
  InputEndpoint Initializes a new instance of the InputEndpoint class.

  Name Description
public property EnableDirectServerReturn Gets or sets whether direct server return is enabled for the input endpoint.
public property EndpointAcl Optional. Specifies the list of access control rules for the endpoint.
public property IdleTimeoutInMinutes Optional. The idle timeout in minutes for this endpoint.
public property LoadBalancedEndpointSetName Gets or sets a name for a set of load-balanced endpoints.
public property LoadBalancerDistribution Optional. Load Balancer Distribution for this endpoint.
public property LoadBalancerName Optional. Optional. Specify the name of an internal load balancer if this endpoint shall not be exposed on the default load balancer.
public property LoadBalancerProbe Gets or sets an LoadBalancerProbe object that defines the endpoint settings that the load balancer uses to monitor the availability of the Virtual Machine before forwarding traffic to it.
public property LocalPort Gets or sets the internal port on which the Virtual Machine is listening.
public property Name Gets or sets the name for the input endpoint.
public property Port Gets or sets the external port to use for the input endpoint.
public property Protocol Gets or sets the transport protocol for the input endpoint.
public property VirtualIPAddress Gets or sets the IP address of the role instance.

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