HostedServiceProperties Members

Represents the properties that are assigned to the cloud service.

The following tables list the members exposed by the HostedServiceProperties type.

  Name Description
  HostedServiceProperties Initializes a new instance of the HostedServiceProperties class.

  Name Description
public property AffinityGroup Gets or sets the name of an existing affinity group that is associated with the subscription.
public property DateCreated Gets or sets the date that the cloud service was created, in [4DigitYear]-[2DigitMonth]-[2DigitDay]T[2DigitHour]:[2DigitMinute]:[2DigitSecond]Z format.
public property DateLastModified Gets or sets the date that the cloud service was last updated, in [4DigitYear]-[2DigitMonth]-[2DigitDay]T[2DigitHour]:[2DigitMinute]:[2DigitSecond]Z format.
public property Description Gets or sets the description of the cloud service.
public property ExtendedProperties Gets or sets a collection of properties that are added to the deployment of a cloud service.
public property Label Gets or sets the base-64-encoded identifier of the cloud service.
public property Location Gets or sets the location where the cloud service was created.
public property ReverseDnsFqdn Optional. Dns address to which the cloud service's IP address resolves when queried using a reverse Dns query.
public property Status Gets or sets the status of the cloud service.

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