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Microsoft.ServiceBus.Notifications Namespace

Provides classes related to Windows Azure Service Bus notifications.

  Class Description
Public class AdmCredential Specifies the Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) credentials.
Public class AdmNotification Represents the Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) notification.
Public class AdmRegistrationDescription Represents the description of the Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) registration.
Public class AdmTemplateRegistrationDescription Represents the description of the Amazon Device Messaging (ADM) template registration.
Public class ApnsCredential Represents an Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) credential.
Public class AppleNotification Represents the Apple notification.
Public class AppleRegistrationDescription Represents the description of apple registration.
Public class AppleTemplateRegistrationDescription Represents the description of the Apple template registration.
Public class BaiduCredential
Public class BaiduNotification
Public class BaiduRegistrationDescription
Public class BaiduTemplateRegistrationDescription
Public class CDataMember Represents the notifications of the CDataMember.
Public class CollectionQueryResult<T> Represents a collection query result.
Public class GcmCredential Represents the Google Cloud Messaging credential.
Public class GcmNotification Represents a Google Cloud Messaging notification.
Public class GcmRegistrationDescription Represents a description of GCM registration.
Public class GcmTemplateRegistrationDescription Represents the description of GCM template registration.
Public class MpnsCredential Provides credential of Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS).
Public class MpnsHeaderCollection Provides a collection of MPNS header.
Public class MpnsNotification Provides notification for Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS).
Public class MpnsRegistrationDescription Provides a description for MPNS registration.
Public class MpnsTemplateRegistrationDescription Provides description for MPNS template registration.
Public class Notification Abstract class representing a generic notification hub notification, including the target tag.
Public class NotificationHubClient Represents a notification hub client.
Public class NotificationHubDescription Represents a notification hub description.
Public class NotificationHubJob
Public class NotificationOutcome Represents a notification outcome.
Public class NotificationOutcomeCollection
Public class PnsCredential Represents a PNS credential.
Public class RegistrationDescription Represents a registration description.
Public class RegistrationResult Represents the result of the registration.
Public class ScheduledNotification Represents the scheduled Notification.
Public class TemplateNotification Represents a template notification.
Public class WindowsNotification Represents the Windows notification.
Public class WindowsRegistrationDescription Provides description for Windows registration.
Public class WindowsTemplateRegistrationDescription Provides description for Windows template registration.
Public class WnsCredential Represents a WNS credential.
Public class WnsHeaderCollection Represents the collection of Windows Push Notification Services (WNS) headers.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration NotificationHubJobStatus
Public enumeration NotificationHubJobType
Public enumeration NotificationOutcomeState Specifies an enumeration of notification outcome state.
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