Subscription Class

Represents a Subscription entity.


Namespace:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging
Assembly:  Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging (in Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging.dll)

public sealed class Subscription

The Subscription type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDefaultMessageTimeToLiveGets the default message time to live of the subscription.
Public propertyEnableDeadLetteringOnFilterEvaluationExceptionsGets the value that indicates if this subscription has dead letter support on Filter evaluation exceptions.
Public propertyEnableDeadLetteringOnMessageExpirationGets the value that indicates if this subscription has dead letter support when a message expires.
Public propertyExtensionDataGets the additional information that describes any extension to a subscription description.
Public propertyLockDurationGets the lock duration time span associated with this subscription.
Public propertyNameGets the name of the subscription.
Public propertyNamespaceClientGets the namespace client that created or retrieved this subscription.
Public propertyRequiresSessionGets the value indicating if this subscription supports the concept of session. This reflects the value specified by RequiresSession when the subscription was created.
Public propertyTopicPathGets the path of the topic that this subscription belongs to.

Public methodAddRule(String, FilterExpression)Adds a rule to this subscription.
Public methodAddRule(String, RuleDescription)Adds a rule to this subscription.
Public methodBeginAddRule(String, FilterExpression, AsyncCallback, Object)Asynchronous version of the AddRule method.
Public methodBeginAddRule(String, RuleDescription, AsyncCallback, Object)Asynchronous version of the AddRule method.
Public methodBeginGetRuleAsynchronous version of the GetRule method.
Public methodBeginGetRulesAsynchronous version of the GetRules method.
Public methodBeginRemoveRuleAsynchronous version of the RemoveRule method.
Public methodEndAddRuleEnds an add rule operation.
Public methodEndGetRuleEnds a get rule.
Public methodEndGetRulesEnumerates end get rules in this collection.
Public methodEndRemoveRuleEnds a remove rule operation.
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Public methodGetDescriptionGets a copy of the subscription’s description.
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Public methodGetRuleGets a rule with the specified name. Returns null if the rule does not exist in this subscription.
Public methodGetRulesGets all rules in an enumerated collection.
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Public methodRemoveRuleRemoves the rule described by ruleName.
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