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HttpRelayTransportBindingElement Properties

The HttpRelayTransportBindingElement type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AllowCookies Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the client accepts cookies and propagates them on future requests.
Public property HostNameComparisonMode Gets or sets the comparison mode use in the host name.
Public property IsDynamic Gets or sets whether the binding element is dynamic.
Public property KeepAliveEnabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to make a persistent connection to a service endpoint.
Public property ManualAddressing (Inherited from TransportBindingElement.)
Public property MaxBufferPoolSize (Inherited from TransportBindingElement.)
Public property MaxBufferSize Gets or sets the maximum size of the buffer to use.
Public property MaxReceivedMessageSize (Inherited from TransportBindingElement.)
Public property ProxyAddress Gets or sets a URI that contains the address of the proxy to use for HTTP requests.
Public property ProxyAuthenticationScheme Gets or sets the authentication scheme used to authenticate client requests being processed by an HTTP proxy.
Public property RelayClientAuthenticationType Gets or sets the relay client authentication type.
Public property Scheme Gets the URI scheme for the transport. (Overrides TransportBindingElement.Scheme.)
Public property TransferMode Gets or sets the transfer mode.
Public property UseDefaultWebProxy Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the machine-wide proxy settings are used rather than the user specific settings.
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